Complete All Strava Challenges in 30 Days!

October 2nd, 2017

Holy fucking shit, I have three months to get my ass in gear with my goals! Goodbye free time and lie-ins. Right moving at speed here as I can’t dilly dally.

So this new challenge is exercise heavy and will entail of completing every Strava October challenge. What’s Strava you ask? In a nutshell it tracks your runs, rides and swims. They offer challenges such as ‘run a 10km’ etc each month and I have completed some of them in the past, but this month I want to complete them all! List below.

  • October Half Marathon – Run a half marathon.
  • October Gran Fondo – Ride 100km.
  • October Run Climbing Challenge – Climb at least 2,500 meters.
  • October Cycling Climbing Challenge – Climb at least 8,000 meters.
  • October Running Distance Challenge – Run 200km.
  • October Cycling Distance Challenge – Ride 1,250km.
  • October 10k – Run a 10k.
  • Reebok Be More Human Challenge – Run 10 miles.

Wish me luck ✌🏻

EDIT: So, didn’t quite manage to complete all of these goals but did a pretty good job I think. Note to self, keep chipping away at goals every day, don’t leave it too long as the momentum is lost.

Overall progress chart
🏃🏻 Running Distance Challenge
🏃🏻 Half Marathon
🏃🏻 Reebok Be More Human
🏃🏻 10k
🏃🏻 Run Climbing Challenge
🚲 Cycling Climbing Challenge
🚲 Cycling Distance Challenge
🚲 Gran Fondo


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