Elephant Pants at The Grand Palace Day

January 3rd, 2023

Up and out of bed early to get some breakfast and wander over to the The grand palace. We chose a cafe for brekkie which I think is aimed at tourists called Snooze Coffee House, but no complaints at all, everything was delicious.

After getting some fuel in our bellies, we carried on to the main attraction of the day which was the palace. As we got closer to it, there were a few street sellers outside targetting tourists with shorts on and flogging ‘elephant pants’. A quick Google tells one that you need to dress modestly by wearing long pants etc. We must have seen dozens of people with these pants on inside. Luckily I brought some long pants in my bag so didn’t blend in with the few dozen ‘elephant pants’ posse.

Later in the afternoon, and after taking in the stunning beauty of the palace, we pushed on to see the Wat Arun Ratchawararam temple from across the river in Vivi cafe. This was the perfect spot to rest up, grab a smoothie, and view the temple.

The last tourst attraction on the list for the day was Golden Mount Temple. Nice walk up to the top to see the {sculptues}.

To finish the day, we grabbed a Tuk Tuk, I even attempted bartering them down a little (I was successful) and we went back to the Siam Paragon shopping mall to pick up a gift and get some dinner. We got some Japanese and I ate some eel – pretty flavoursome and tender but I kept imagining the idea of a plump eel and it slightly put me off.


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