Birthday Brekkie In The ‘Treehouse’ & a Thai Massage

January 11th, 2023

Well, I made it to 38 years of age, and I’m feeling pretty privileged to be spending it in this beautiful country.

First up was some breakfast in one of my favourite places in Koh Yao Noi; Tha Khao Bay View Restaurant. It’s a restaurant that’s built into a side of a hill and, to me at least, resembles a huge treehouse. Staff are extremely welcoming, the food is delicious, they have a family of cats roaming around the place, and the view is stunning.

After filling our bellies, next up to celebrate 38 revolutions around the sun was something we haven’t ticked off yet – a Thai massage. We rocked up, chose a ‘relaxing massage’ from the menu, and waited a few moments for the masseuses to come.

Shortly, a pretty young woman guided us to our massage tables and got us ready. I (wrongly) presumed the woman would be my masseuse, but instead, she started working on my partner. A moment later, an older lady came in and walked over to me. Grand stuff, I bet she had more experience than the other lady anywho… I popped in my earbuds, got my Cri playlist ready and soon was nearly asleep.

In the afternoon, I went to get my daily iced coffee fix, gabbed some tins of tuna for some cats I had seen the previous day and off I went to feed the dotes while driving home.

No walk or any real exercise today happened so I did a little shadow boxing session to get my apple rings completed.

After work, dinner was had in Sea Gypsy.


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