Yalla Yalla

February 23rd, 2014

Yalla Yalla

If you are into your Lebanese food, you could do alot worse than try out Yalla Yalla. Yalla Yalla are fairly new, as their first branch was only set up in 2008, in the trendy SOHO area. They also have another restaurant in Winsely St and this was were I went.  They serve Beirut street food and this was my first time going here, on the recommendation of a friend.

Hommos Shawarma

For starters, we got the Hommos Sharama, thin slices of lamb fillets, on a bed of chickpea purée. This was incredibly succulent, and I could see why this place was being raved about. This dish came with some soft pitta bread and when all combined, proved for a very tasty starter to lead us on to our next dish.

Sawda Djej

I was told this dish, of chicken liver called Sawda Djej was a ‘must try’. It’s listed as ‘100 best dishes by Time Out 2012’. The liver is sauteed and is mixed with garlic and pomegranate molasses. To be honest, I’m not big into my liver, but this tasted pretty good.

Lokoz Meshoue

The main and final dish we ordered was the charcoal grilled sea bass fillet. The name of this on the menu is Lokoz Meshoue. This was a perfect choice, as the two earlier dishes were deceivingly filling. With a squeeze of lime, and with the tomato and coriander sauce, this bass was an absolute winner. 

Aside: While we were waiting for our fish to come, the waiter, mistakenly brought us a grilled chicken dish, so we had to wait for the correct dish to be made. This wasn’t a big deal, and the manager even gave us some complimentary drinks for the error. Excellent customer service.


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