Study Spanish Every Day For 30 Days

November 6th, 2014

Well, One whole challenge completed in a twelve month period, I am rocking it..

So, I moved over to South America for a few months, last month, so it seems a perfect time for a challenge to learn the principle language here, Español.

Now I can get by with basic things such as ordering food, paying for things, asking for directions etc, but what’s the point in only getting by? I should grasp this opportunity to learn as much as possible and become conversationally fluent while I am here.

So, I have set myself the challenge to study Spanish for two hours every day. The curriculum I will be using will be from multiple sources, to make sure I won’t get bored with just a textbook for example.

I will be using the following methods below and the trusty Toggl service to track my time accurately:

Vamos a aprender español!

Day 1.

I started off nice and easy, working on my vocabulary with Memrise, and Duolingo as I was using Memrise for over an hour.

Day 2.

Same two applications used again today, Memrise and Duolingo. I used Duolingo more today as I think I Memrised myself out yesterday.

Day 3.

Today, I tried something different and read an article on El país. This is extremely hard as I know hardly any of the vocabulary and took just over 50 minutes! Real world learning for the win… yeah 🙁

I also didn’t complete my two hours today. No excuses, I just left it too late before I had to go out. Boo.


Article: Valoran cuatro propuestas para administrar el ecoparque de Pance

New words/phrases

  • Entrega = Delivery
  • Fundación = Foundation
  • Según = According to
  • En caso = In case
  • Manejo = Managment
  • Allí estarían = There would be
  • Propuesta = Proposal
  • Environmental = Ambiental
  • Recuperación = Restoration
  • Involucrar = Involve
  • Tercera = Third
  • Entrada = Entry / Entrance
  • Gerente = Manager
  • Aseguró = He / She Assured
  • Cuarta = Forth
  • Recibe = Receives
  • invertir = Invest
  • Digo = I say

Day 4.

Today, I visited my favourite coffee shop, Juan Valdez and studied with Duolingo and Memrise. Later when I got home, I finished the remainder of my time with Memrise. I am noticing a trend of using easy applications… I must diversify more.

Day 5.

Hoy, Me desperté a las diez en la mañana. Temprano, Tuve entrenamiento pero estaba lloviendo mucho, tan yo no fui! En la tarde, conocí a mi amiga y almorzamos. Comí comida tipico de Colombia; Pollo, ensalada, verduras, arroz y plátanos. Despues, mi amiga y yo fuimos al centro comercial. Mi amiga compró un cafe con crema. Mas Tarde, estudié espanol en mi favorita cafe tienda; Juan Valdez.

Day 6.

Today, registered another failed day. I see by my Toggl time tracking, that I was doing short bursts of about fifteen minutes each session and only stuck with Duolingo. The reason for this? I was sick 🙁 Yesterday, after lunch, I went to a cafe to study and felt a tad ill (I assume I got food poisoning). I went home and got into bed. I won’t go into detail… but I stayed up for most of the night, had a bit of a fever and felt like crap.

Day 7.

Today, after a long lie-in, I finally pulled myself out of bed, as I was feeling a bit better. I went to the Marriott, and studied for one hour and forty minutes straight! Feeling quite motivated, when I arrived home I completed another three sessions, bringing today’s total hours to two hours and thirty eight minutes.

Day 8.

Another successful day and I put in an extra thirty six minutes! Again, Duolingo was my only application used today. They just make it so easy to study! Tomorrow, will be a lot more actual practise.

Day 9.

Not a good day today. I only did one hour and forty four minutes. I also only used Duolingo, and mostly from my bed. Lazy.

Day 10.

My worst day yet, with a miserable fifty minutes! I was out all day and left my house early, but I could have woken up earlier and completed the day’s quota… Again, Duolingo was only used.

Day 11.

I had a movie day today with my girlfriend, so no practise was done, apart from a few minutes on Duolingo to keep my steak up. Terible.

Day 12.

Today, I went on a trip to a new town. I actually had no time for my two hours today, as I left the house at five in the morning and was back pretty late. Even though I have already failed this challenge, I still would like to have completed sixty hours. It’s going to be hard.

Day 13.

Back on track today with a nice extra few minutes thrown in. Two hours and thirty four minutes. Although, I only use Duolingo. What is it with this app that makes it so easy and addictive!?

Day 14.

Just completed today’s two hours. Duolingo used again…

Day 15.

Lazy lazy day. Duolingo was only used again. Nothing more to report 🙁

Day 16.

Two hours and three minutes with the only method I seem to be sticking with. I did have a long night out though.

Day 17.

I had a massive lazy day today and stayed in bed till late. After I said goodbye to my friend, I went to my favourite coffee place here; Juan Valdez and threw in one hour and twenty one minutes. I have a shit load of catching up to do 🙁

Day 18.

Two hours and five minutes studying today! A small amount of success, but I am just happy I have completed today’s quota.

Day 19.

Monday, the start of the week and what better way to celebrare than to… fail miserably at my challenge. Today’s marks the ninth day of not completing my two hours per day 🙁 I don’t think I will have my sixty hours completed…

Day 20.

Quota done for today and I even mixed things up by using Memrise too.

Day 21.

More embarrassment today, with a measly fifty seven minutes put in. Also I am using Duolingo way too much! I feel I am a lot quicker recalling basic sentences, but I am simply not putting any real effort (obviously) into practising speaking and writing!

Day 22.

Success! Over two hours studied today, and not just with Duolingo!

Day 23.

My spidey senses are telling me that I might be throwing in a lot more hours as this challenge nears to an end…

Day 24.

Only Duolingo used. I am bad.

Day 25

My twenty fifth day with this challenge and I have done abysmally. In the future, do not let things slip, and set the task’s hours aside and do them all in one go.

Day 26.

Epic fail. Two minutes under an hour. Urgh.

Day 27.

Another extremely low time tracked so far. I have reached the conclusion that I will not be completing sixty hours on this one. No surprises really.

Day 28.

Today, I set off for the weekend to Medellin, so internet was bad. I did however beat yesterday’s time by six minutes 😉

Day 29.

My second last day on this (already failed challenge) and I still did not complete my daily hours today.

Day 30.

Final day and after adding up the totals, I see that I studied for thirty eight hours and thirty nine minutes. Even though I failed this challenge, I still put in an ok amount of work, in my opinion, albeit mostly with Duolingo.

Learn Spanish Every Day For 30 Days
DayDateDuolingoUdemyMemriseReadingWritingSpeakingTotal Hours
Day 106/11/201433 min –88 min – – –2.01
Day 207/11/201474 min –46 min – – –2.00
Day 308/11/201421 min – 50 min – –1.11
Day 409/11/201450 min –76 min – – –2.06
Day 510/11/201456 min17 min18 min –32 min –2.03
Day 611/11/201483 min – –1.23
Day 712/11/2014158 min – –2.38
Day 813/11/2014156 min – –2.36
Day 914/11/2014104 min – –1.44
Day 1015/11/201450 min – –0.50
Day 1116/11/20146 min – –0.06
Day 1217/11/20147 min – –0.07
Day 1318/11/2014154 min – –2.34
Day 1419/11/2014122 min – –2.02
Day 1520/11/201430 min – –0.30
Day 1621/11/2014123 min – –2.03
Day 1722/11/201481 min – –1.21
Day 1823/11/2014125 min – –2.05
Day 1924/11/201461 min – –1.01
Day 2025/11/2014100 min20 min – –2.00
Day 2126/11/201457 min – –0.57
Day 2227/11/201480 min44 mins –2.04
Day 2328/11/201442 min8 mins – –0.50
Day 2429/11/201488 min – –1.28
Day 2530/11/201466 min – –1.06
Day 2601/12/201458 min – –0.58
Day 2702/12/201420 min – –0.20
Day 2803/12/201426 min – –0.26
Day 2904/12/201485 min – –1.25
Day 3005/12/20144 min – –0.04


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