Weekend In Norwich

October 12th, 2020

As Covid is still in full swing in the UK (well done Boris and the UK government), 2020 has been a bit quiet on the travels front, so when a friend suggested to head somewhere for a few days with the cameras, I jumped at the chance. We settled on Norwich as I’ve never been and it’s fairly close to get to from London.


I took half a day of work and we headed off in the early afternoon. After checking in to the hotel, we popped out to try some night-time shooting… try because we didn’t stay out that long as it started to lash rain. Not to worry, there’s a weatherspoons close by.

After a few pints and some grub, we had a quick game of bowling and finally the rain stopped so we could get out and explore a bit.


Not a bad start to the weekend with a nice 8km run to kick things off with. We ran along the River Wensum, which was a beaut of a route.

Erpingham House

After grabbing a quick shower, we headed off with the cameras into town, in search of breakfast. As my mate is vegan, he found this vegan only restaurant called Erpingham House which was focking delicious. Everything was just so damn flavoursome.

Seriously, if you someone could make this type food for me everyday, I would convert in a second!

After filling our bellies, we explored Norwich a bit more.

Thurne Mill & Great Yarmouth

In the evening, we headed off to see a norfolk windmill which was pretty bloody nice. We arrived near sunset and the views were just beautiful. It was just nice slowing down a bit and taking it all in.

So yeah, nice little weekend away to chill out a bit.


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