New Year’s Eve, Eating bugs in Bangkok

January 1st, 2023

Rang in the new year in Dubai airport watching the fireworks over the Burj Kalifa on tv with a few beers in the Budweiser Bar.

When we arrived at Bangkok airport, we got a little ripped off getting a taxi as we didn’t want to faff around with public transport. We handed over about 30 quid in total, which by Thailand taxi standards is pretty steep. Ah well, the joys of a new country and new currency.

Finally made it to the hotel after a day of travelling – a shower and a nap were had, then we were ready to explore the markets. I ended up eating a fried cricket (when in Bangkok), had a few beers in various places around Khao San Road and just generally took in my new temporary surroundings.

Ended the evening getting a tuktuk ride back to the hotel, with who I’m assuming was an f1 driver in a previous life.


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