Muay Thai Class, and Moped Woes

January 9th, 2023

I ventured down to the local Muay Thai GYM in the morning, to experience a class from legit Muay Thai coaches, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The trainers went though the basics with me, starting off with the proper stance, then punches, elbows and kicks throughout the class. In between each round of drills, we did press-ups and sit-ups. Friendly coaches and good training – I might do a few more while I’m staying here.

After earning my breakfast, I had a quick stop home to pick up herself, and we popped out to get breakfast in one of the best cafes on the island.

A little later in the day, while getting my caffeine fix from 7-11, I pulled over to check my phone and tried to start the moped, but no dice. It just wouldn’t start up. As I was deciding on my plan to get home, a guy came out of a house and tried to help but unfortunately to no avail. So weird, my first problem with it in all this time.

The guy who was helping me, Geno from Chicago who was now a resident of this island, gave me a loan of his bike to get back and bring one of the guys who I rented it from to fix it. What an absolute gent.

Eventually back with the Calvary with me, the issue was quickly diagnosed with my wheels. In technical terms, if wheely stand is down, bike no go 🤦🏻‍♂️ – Oh Keith you nob, lol.

Back home with a fully functioning bike, and after some work, we went to a restaurant by the name of By the sea for dinner. Another beaut of a day with good people.


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