Morning at The Beach

January 6th, 2023

It was a lovely morning spent down the beach, having a cheeky dip, and just taking in the beauty of this otherworldly place.

After we got back to the villa, I popped down to my now new favourite restaurant and got some breakfast and juices in. The woman who runs the place has the warmest of smiles and is just lovely. I managed to use my newly acquired Thai skills as I walked in and said hello; her face lit up, she laughed a little and said hello back. Languages really do rock.

After working for the afternoon, we headed out for dinner to Pizzeria La Luna, a few kilometres from us. Apparently the place was founded in 2009 by an Italian guy by the name of Romano during his ‘round the world’ trip. He fell in love with the island (I feel you, Romano), and set up shop, serving authentic Italian food. He left the island, returning to Italy a few years later, and is now run by a local family. The place was charming, had tasty pizza and strong cocktails; I recommend it.


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