More Muay Thai, Beachside Breakfast & Pinky Sunset

January 12th, 2023

Up and over to the gym this morning for another cheeky Muay Thai session. I was paired with Tony, a… cheeky Bostonian southpaw. I mention the fact he’s southpaw because he seemed to not only confuse myself, himself, and also the trainer with what punch that was supposed to be thrown!

As always after a nice 90 minute session, I was famished and required immediate food, so down to our local restaurant we went and we nabbed the only beachside table available. I say nabbed, but it’s nearly always available as there aren’t too many tourists here at the moment. Still, brekkie with a view.

Worked most of the day, and while walking down to get some takeaway in the evening (veggie fried rice this time, much yum), I caught the most beautiful pinky-huey sunset. I walked over to the beach and just stood there taking it all in.

This island continues to blow me away.


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