Breakfast Buffet, Being a Tourist, and Dinner In a Treehouse

January 8th, 2023

Our checkout was at noon, so I had one last dip in the jacuzzi before moseying down to breakfast.

Down at the buffet breakfast, I felt famished (could it be because I could stuff my face as much as I wanted? doubtful… maybe), and treated myself to a beaut of a spread with loads of tasty bit and pieces to load myself up for the day ahead.

As our hotel is situated on a bit of a hill, they have a shuttle service to transport people up and down to the town if anybody needs it. We were asked, as we went going down, but kindly declined as I wanted to try and burn off a few of those beer calories from last night!

Walking around Patong today was a little better in the daylight but still a tad full-on with sellers in our face. I wanted to get a magnet, as I always try to do when I’m in a new country. After my touristy souvenir was acquired, we got a taxi to the pier to get back to our little chilled island.

On the way home, we picked up our fresh laundry and went home to decompress from the weekend.

Dinner tonight was in a charming place built up into the hillside, down the road from us called Tha Khao Bay View Restaurant. It’s not too disimilar to a giant treehouse, at least to myself anywho. As always on this island, the food and service were outstanding, but the view is just perfection.


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