Birthday Weekend Trip to Phuket

January 7th, 2023

I woke up about 4:30am and instead of starring at the ceiling for a few hours, I decided to head down to the beach to see if I could catch the sunrise. I brought the Gopro and attempted to do a timelapse.

With my composition of the beach and sea looking tasty, I started the timelapse, or so I thought… I ended up making a very mediocre 20 minute video instead. Technology can be difficult when you get older.

After returning home I packed my bag, grabbed our laundry to drop off, and we went to the pier to grab a boat to Phuket, for a cheeky overnight stay. My partner organised an overnight stay in a swanky hotel and ringside seats for an evening of Muay Thai fights in Patong Boxing Stadium.

After arriving to Phuket, we grabbed. a taxi to go to Old Town and explore around. A few hours later, made it over to the hotel and after checking in, I did a workout in the gym (It means I’m allowed more cake right?), and then jumped in straight into our room’s jacuzzi that overlooks the city, with a beer in hand. Fucking Bliss.

Later on, we walked over to grab some dinner, walking through Patong district. What an absolute attack on the senses it was walking around there – I felt exhausted after 30 minutes of being hounded about pingpong shows, custom suits, ‘coca cola’, and getting compliments from a ladyboy. Fascinating place but once is probably enough for me.

Eventually we made it to Patong Boxing Stadium – the highlight of the evening. We seen eight fights in total, some lasting longer than others 😬 It’s one thing to watch fights on the TV, another to see guys getting knocked out right in front of your eyes…

All the fights were pretty damn good but the main event between French/Russian Maxime and Thai native Banlangtong was just perfect. Both fighters gave it their all, and kocked lumps out of each other, but Maxime was more dominant with a few knockouts under his belt to get the victory.

At the end of the night, I was debating whether to see one of the infamous ping pong shows because YOLO, but decided against it on this occasion as I wasn’t in the mood to haggle prices and was quite tired from the day, so we just grabbed a beer in an Aussie bar and went back to the hotel.

What a birthday treat of a day!


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