Last Muay Thai session, & Hornbill view point

January 13th, 2023

My Muay Thai career is over, as today was my last session. Unfortunately I don’t have much time left on this island and want to do some more things before leaving. I had a great experience here, so if you happen to find yourself in Ko Yao Noi, do check out KYN Phoenix for a damn good workout.

After a quick shower, this morning’s brekkie spot was the Anchor Point Restaurant. I went with the wrap and a fruit/yogurt/oat bowl as I was famished after training – Both extremely tasty. As we were paying, I spotted some cakes available by the counter, and I got two brownies for later, again very tasty. Good spot.

As we were about to hop on the moped and head to 7-11 for supplies, I fancied walking around the pier a bit and as we were following our nose, we ended up climbing a few steps up the hillside to a place called Hornbill view point. It’s a great vantage point of the bay but unfortunately it’s quite derelict now with nothing much in the area at the top.

Later in the evening, I rewatched some Bojack Horseman while I was working away in the air conditioned bedroom as it was too hot on the balcony. God damn, what a show it was, I need to rewatch the whole series again I think.


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