Lalang Bed Sheet Fasteners Review

May 30th, 2017

Last month, I was in Ikea, stuffing my face with their delicious hot dogs getting some new bed sheets, and other items. I bought a “fitted” bed sheet, but the thing sags and has a lot of extra fabric for my double bed. Something needed to be done, so I had a mozy on Amazon to see if I could find something that could tighten up the sheet.

I found quite a number of these fastener devices, and settled on these lalang bed sheet fasteners. They’re cheap as chips and had some good reviews. If they didn’t work, I wouldn’t lose sleep over the three odd quid I spent.

Today, I have been doing some spring cleaning and while stripping my bed, I found the fasteners, which I had completely forgotten about. For just under a month they have been doing the job perfectly, keeping my sheet nice and tight, so I thought I would sing their praises. While not a massive problem for most I’m sure, these little babies work and if you need some fasteners for your ill-fitting sheets, check them out.

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