Running, With No Pockets For Your Keys? Try This

November 27th, 2014

I love running. I love the peace and tranquil feeling I get when I run. Just me, mother nature and getting lost in my own world with spotify.

What I do not like however, is carrying my keys with me.

If you run, I’m sure you know the feeling. If you have a zipper pocket in your shorts, great (even still, I don’t like the jingling). If not, you’re going to have to hold them in your hand 🙁 I know, first world problems right.

Earlier this week, I came up with this little trick that has made things a lot more simple.

Running & Keys 1

1. Locate annoying keys.

Running & Keys 2

2. Unhook the main key to your casa.

Running & Keys 3

3. Open lace on runner and thread lace through key. Make sure lace is secured nice and tight.

Running & Keys 4

4. Tuck key under lace. Go run hassle free.


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