My Experience With Fat Lama

April 15th, 2018

I first heard about Fat Lama via an ad on social media late last year and the idea behind the site peaked my interest.

Fat Lama is the platform that lets you rent out your belongings to others nearby. Everyday, we connect people who need things, with others in their neighbourhood that have it to lend.

As I recently purchased a camera and lens I thought I’d try the service out to recoup some of the cost as their insurance policy looks pretty decent should anything go wrong 🤞🏻.

About a week after signing up and listing my items, I received a request for my 70-200 lens. I almost refused the request after thinking It could be a scam and what had I gotten myself into, but I went ahead with the request and reluctantly rented out my new lens. The borrower and myself met the next day and I went home.

The next day I collected my lens and it was in the same condition, all new and shiny, and I felt a slight fool for thinking the worst but hey I guess it’s normal given the price for camera equipment.

Since my first lens rental, I have since loaned out my gear five more times and made a tidy £186 in total so far.

So if you have some gear collecting dust and would like to earn some beer money, or maybe you would like to rent some equipment without the high prices from specialist hire stores, give Fat Lama a try, if you do they’ll also give you £25 free credit. Bargain.


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