Lazy lie-in This Morning, Garden Work & a Cheeky Chinese

June 9th, 2024

The week has caught up with me, and I found myself having a long lie-in this morning, finally getting my bum out of bed at about 11:30. Once up and dressed and with a rumbling belly, I followed the usual routine of living in a house without a kitchen and drove over to Greggs for breakfast.

Later on, filled with a sausage roll, I carried on with the garden, de-stoning it, raking it out and prepping it for reseeding. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I do have slight OCD with specific tasks (which I like to think of as a ‘perfectionist’ trait) but I can’t seem to let go of the fact that the soil seems absolutely littered with stones and rocks, and even ceramic and glass!

So… I caved in and popped down to the local garden centre and picked up a sieve to sort this issue out. I picked up the only big one they had in stock (which did seem a bit flimsy in hindsight), and after putting my first load of soil in and lifting it up to begin sifting… the damn thing broke! The cheap plastic frame broke and the mesh fell out! I’ll be back to get a refund tomorrow, but ordered a proper metal one on Amazon.

While out to grab my broken sieve, I grabbed some sushi from Waitrose as I had a craving, and some snacks from B&M…. because I’m fat.

Diet starts tomorrow eh.

In the evening, I posted some pics of yesterday’s race to social media, helped with some errands around the house, done some work on the computer, and viewed the GoPro footage from Friday’s chest mount video… which turned out to be pure crap. I filmed more of the ground than the bloody angle grinder!

Alas, I researched a bit more on GoPro POV mounts and came across the bite mount, which seems like a good option? Welp, it’s ordered and will be here this coming week, so I’ll have to create another video to test it out.

And as mentioned earlier,.. the diet starts tomorrow so I may or may not have ordered a Chinese in the evening.


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