Hainault Halloween Walk 🎃

October 31st, 2020

As it’s Halloween, my girlfriend and I decided to head over to Hainault Forest this morning to have a little ramble. We’d never been before and I’d seen some of the ‘scary’ tree sculptures online and thought it would be fun to check them out in person.

The sculptures were actually pretty cool, and the overall park was lovely. It was just nice to ‘get out of London’ – even though it’s only about half an hour away!


  1. Thank you for your post! Those statues are AMAZING!!! We were there just recently and could not find them. Are you able to share more details about where in the woods they are.

    Thank you, Karen

  2. Hi Karen,

    No probs, I have the exact route I walked on Strava (You need to sign up, but’s free).

    Hope this helps

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