Morning Spent Exploring Abandoned Sherman Tank and Firing Range in Leek

March 7th, 2023

A friend made a recommendation awhile ago to go exploring an old abandoned Ministry of Defence firing range near Buxton. Well it turns out the place is not actually abandoned – it’s still used! And there is live firing times posted on the UK GOV website.

We went this morning and luckily there was no training going on and we were free to explore the area without the possibility of getting shot!

As we were unsure of where exactly this tank & firing range were, we met at Blake Mere Mermaid Pool at 8:30am to get a game plan going. We decided on driving to The Winking Man’s Pub, just down the road, parking up and having a bit of walk down to where we thought the place might be.

After a false start going the completely wrong way, we finally arrived just after 10:30am, expecting quite a few souls around the place but nope, there was just another family exploring.

The place is definitely recommended to spend an hour or two exploring the grounds and of course the bullet riddled Sherman tank.

Sherman Tank and Firing Range Photos

All photos copyright to Keith Donegan, please don’t use without permission.

Location of Abandoned Sherman Tank and Firing Range in Leek

If you’re in need of exact GPS coordinates, here you go.


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