Learning Spanish… Again

April 16th, 2020

So, it’s been quite a few years since I embarked on my journey of learning Spanish. Can I speak the language after all of this time? Not quite… I can get by with ordering a beer and some food but anything else is with basic sentences and horrible grammar. I just never really put the time in after the honeymoon period was over and it became hard with all the verb tenses, vocabulary, and practice.

Looking back at my failed attempts at learning this beautiful language over the years, one thing that pops up again and again is my lack of discipline. Truth be told, this is a constant in my life and affects many areas (to which I have acknowledged and am trying to improve). So this time, I am trying a different approach and will be starting again but by going through a book until it’s completed. The book I have bought is Easy Spanish Step-By-Step and I plan to cover at least a page a day.

I am going to start logging my progress for my own accountability and take notes.



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