A Walkthrough of the Xcode Development Environment

May 11th, 2020

Inside Xcode, we will be mainly working with the .swift files, which is where we code, and the .storyboard files, where the designs are. These are in the navigator menu area to the left.

Main.storyboard is where we will be designing most of our app. This is where you will add different types of components such as labels, buttons, and sliders etc.

When you select a component in your main.storyboard design, you have access to to it’s attributes in the Attributes inspector.

Another useful panel is the Size inspector. This panel tells you information such as the position of your component from the top/left. and width/height.

The document outline panel shows you all of your components that have been placed.

The debug area is located at the bottom of Xcode and this area will output any errors from your app.


This is where most of our code will live.

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