Developing for iOS – Tools and Materials

May 11th, 2020

To develop apps for IOS – You need a Macbook, Mac mini, Imac etc but iPads can’t be used. You also need a copy of Xcode. If you don’t have a mac device – you can use a service such as Mac In Cloud to use remotely.

Xcode allows you to write code, design the app and run it in a simulator.

You can use Xcode’s simulator to develop apps as well as an iPhone but some features such as Apple Health and notifications can get ‘tricky’ using just the simulator.

You can download your App on to your iPhone to test it out but to get it into the App store, you will need to sign up to Apple’s developer program and pay a $99/year fee.

Once you get your app into the app store, you gain access to an area called App Store Connect where you can get insight into your App’s performance, sales and revenue etc.

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