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January 16th, 2019

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Get 1,000 photos accepted as stock
Number Photo Progress
0001 Sign of La Latina metro sign in Madrid
0002 View of Dublin with Sean O’ Casey bridge in view
0003 Festive gold Christmas balls background
0004 20 Fenchurch Street also known as The Walkie Talkie building
0005 View of The Eiffel Tower on a moody day
0006 Wide angle shot of The Eiffel Tower
0007 View of The Eiffel Tower in black & white
0008 Radioactive sign in The Exclusion Zone near Chernobyl
0009 Timeworn old doll in school in Pripyat, Ukraine
0010 Ukraine coloured toy blocks in school building in Pripyat, Ukraine
0011 Gas mask hanging in abandoned school near Chernobyl
0012 Abandoned medical stirrups in medical clinic – Pripyat
0013 Old broken cash register in Pripyat supermarket, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
0014 Hand with geiger counter testing for radiation
0015 Abandoned basketball court in Pripyat near Chernobyl
0016 Children’s beds in an abandoned kindergarten near Chernobyl
0017 Entrance to the Duga radar station in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
0018 Broken television set in abandoned building – Pripyat near Chernobyl
0019 Abandoned apartment with derelict sofa bed – Pripyat
0020 Abandoned supermarket with shelves on ground due to the Chernobyl disaster
0021 Canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands with boats, trees and church in view
0022 Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Riga
0023 Ryanair priority and non priority sign at boarding gate, Dublin airport
0024 London Wheel with County Hall and Westminster bridge in view
0025 Row of Taxis holding a strike near Parliament in London
0026 Row of Taxis holding a strike near Parliament in London
0027 Side view of English black taxi cab
0028 No ball games sign on brick wall
0029 Downing Street SW1 sign, London
0030 Traditional Turkish doner kebab being cooked
0031 ‘Stop the Brexit mess!’ sign outside Parliament
0032 Limehouse Basin Marina in Spring
0033 X-ray machine and radiology room equipment
0034 Vineyard sign for Cabernet Sauvignon
0035 Close-up of stainless steel wine vats and barrels in modern winery
0036 A stall at ‘The Bordeaux Chartrons quays market’
0037 Porte Cailhau monument – Bordeaux, France
0038 Various chilli peppers drying in window
0039 Wine barrels and clay amphoras in winery
0040 A food stall at ‘The Bordeaux Chartrons quays market’ with various dishes being cooked
0041 Vineyard of Merlot grape plants in springtime
0042 Old red merlot wine bottles covered in dust, aging in a wine cellar
0043 Exterior of Château Les Carmes Haut Brion
0044 Beautiful old fashioned wooden door
0045 A small group of potatoes isolated on white background
0046 A group of potatoes, big and small isolated on white background
0047 Devonshire Street W1 Sign in city of Westminster
0048 West London with All Souls Langham Place and black cab in view
0049 Construction worker digging up pavement in central London
0050 Various pink flowers including roses and carnations
0051 Field of ragged tulips in various colours in springtime
0052 The Royal Arcade in central London, UK
0053 Crossrail footbridge to entrance in Canary Wharf, London
0054 Park Crescent, West London
0055 Saint Peter statue in front of the Vatican, Rome – Italy
0056 Looking into Old Jaffa City through stone window
0057 Industrial air compressor in safety cage
0058 Various types of smoked fish being sold in a market
0059 St. Peter’s Church in Old Jaffa – Tel Aviv, Israel
0060 Cartier banner hanging outside store in New Bond Street
0061 Vineyard sign for Merlot grapes
0062 Mounted Horse Guards from The Queen’s Guard Parade in London
0063 Members of The Queen’s Guard on horses
0064 A row of Israel flags in front of The Tower of David, Jerusalem
0065 Traditional electric blue & white tram passing through city in daytime
0066 Portrait view of Limehouse Basin Marina in Spring with beautiful blue sky, London – UK
0067 Jewish father and son admiring The Western Wall, Jerusalem
0068 Canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands with boats and trees in view on a beautiful summer’s day
0069 Greenwich park with university and Canary Wharf in view
0070 Square in town centre of Bethlehem/Palestine
0071 Pearly Kings of London posing for photo
0072 Agricultural bale wrapping equipment, used with tractor to wrap bales of hay in plastic
0073 Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Southern Iceland
0074 Lone iceberg in Jokulsarlon (Jökulsárlón) glacial lagoon, southeast Iceland
0075 Stream of water with mountain and moody sky in background near Scogafoss waterfall, Iceland
0076 Skogafoss waterfall early in the morning with bright blue sky
0077 Blue glaciers in Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, southeast Iceland
0078 Crashed and abandoned airplane on Solheimasandur beach near Vik in Iceland
0079 Arrow sign on floor of carpark directing route
0080 Green emergency exit sign in car park
0081 New York City / U.S.A – June 17 2019: Piers 25/26 at Hudson Park with Lilac ship and city skyline in view
0082 Manhattan Bridge walkway with chainlink fence and subway in background – NYC
0083 Pier 34 leading into Jersey City, in Manhattan, New York City
0084 New York City, USA – June 22, 2019: Carnegie Hall in Manhattan. Located on the corner of 57th St. and 7th Ave. Carnegie Hall is probably the most famous music venues in the world
0085 Old water tower on top of apartment building in New York City with moody grey sky
0086 London / UK – June 15th 2019: Wide angle view of the ‘Returning to Embrace’ sculpture in 10 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf
0087 New York City / USA – June 17th 2019: Rear of FDNY firetruck with various fire hoses, pipes and utilities
0088 New York / USA – June 18, 2019: Manhattan bridge view. One of the most iconic tourist destinations in New York City
0089 New York City / USA – June 17th 2019 – City workers painting bike lane with green paint for cycling
0090 New York City / USA – June 17th 2019: Typical New York corner shop deli with red & white awning
0091 Perspective view on The Manhattan Bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn – New York City
0092 London / UK – 15th Jun 2019: Canary Wharf underground station in London’s Docklands business and finance district with people walking up and down the escalators
0093 Old Italian colored fire hydrant in Little Italy, New York City – USA
0094 Famous New York City Firehouse, Ladder Eight that was used in the Ghostbusters movie
0095 Canada Place Mall in Canary Wharf underground station
0096 Side view of parked van from the NYC Correction Department
0097 Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn
0098 Bristol Harbour Festival in Bristol, United Kingdom
0099 The Vessel, a modern piece of art that you can walk around – honeycomb like staircase in The Hudson Yard
0100 Various ship ropes wrapped neatly on deck
0101 Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, UK with beautiful blue sky
0102 Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise, shot low to the ground looking up
0103 Brooklyn Bridge with view of the Hudson river and skyscrapers at sunrise, NYC
0104 Battery Park in summertime with workers painting the grass in Pride colors
0105 Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise, NYC
0106 Looking down onto the river Avon from the Clifton suspension bridge at sunset in Bristol
0107 A bunch of pears on ground in Autumn with select focus on center pear
0108 Red & Blue post box with red stamp box in Windsor
0109 Close-up of ‘The Irish Guardsmen’ statue with boot in view and poppy wreath in background
0110 Tight shot of bar stool in traditional English pub
0111 Small spider in center of web against green tree
0112 Side view of Windsor Castle wall with blue sky in view
0113 Changing of Guard taking place in Windsor Castle
0114 Close-up of red man on pedestrian light to warn people to stop and wait
0115 Howth harbour lighthouse with sea and rocks in view – Black & White
0116 Coiled rope on a harbour ground, used for fishing
0117 Beach Telescope pointed towards an Island in Dublin
0118 Close-up of a fishing trawler in Howth Harbour
0119 Fishing boats moored in Howth Harbour on moody day
0120 Fishing boats moored in Howth Harbour
0121 Industrial factory with smoke coming from chimneys on Autumn day in Berlin, Germany
0122 The famous ‘Berliner Fernsehturm’ TV Tower in Mitte, Berlin
0123 View of Berlin city with river in view on a grey moody day
0124 Berlin’s yellow tram stopping to let people on/off
0125 White Plastic Barrel Lobster Pot Traps Stacked at the Harbour in Howth
0126 Row of German army jackets in army surplus store
0127 Beautiful pink sky overlooking Berlin Ostbahnhof train station at dusk
0128 View of Canary Wharf, financial hub in London at sunset with construction
0129 East Side Mall with construction in view
0130 Traditional dry stone wall without mortar in grazing field in West Yorkshire, England
0131 Close-up of lady farmer with muddy black wellington boots on, standing in field
0132 Beautiful countryside with moody sky, sheep grazing and tree in view in West Yorkshire, UK
0133 Flock of sheep grazing in rough country field
0134 Group of oak logs freshly cut down
0135 Group of oak logs freshly cut down in forest
0136 Rotherhithe Tunnel closed for maintenance with signs warning drivers
0137 Rotherhithe Tunnel closed for maintenance with electronic LED sign

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