January 19th, 2017

Tramshed: Cow and chicken artwork

The scene is set the moment you walk through the doors at Tramshed, as you are presented with a chicken, sitting atop of a cow, housed inside a tank of formaldehyde towering above the tables below; a piece by artist Damien Hirst and a pretty bold piece at that.

After having a peek downstairs at the quaint art gallery, my dining parter and I headed back upstairs and began scanning the menu to see what tickled our fancy. As the artwork suggests, this place serves both steak and chicken, so we went with both. Oh and a few sides 🙂

Tramshed: Chicken, steak on a table with some sides.

No massive complaints here, I was a happy boy. I got the sirloin steak, half chicken, chips, stuffing (ok this could have been more moist and larger portion given), mushrooms, and a portion of onion rings for good measure (hey it was my birthday). All, as you would expect were well cooked, and we were well looked after.

So thank you very much to Ms. P for taking me here! And I suspect I will be back here to try the lunch menu at some point.


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