Sticks’ n’ Sushi

November 5th, 2014

Sticks & Sushi is a high end sushi restaurant that serve traditional sushi, as well as yakitori sticks of grilled chicken, beef, pork and vegetables.

There are two branches, one based in Wimbledon and the other in Covent Garden. (I have visited the Covent Garden branch back in April of this year).

Sticks & Sushi

One thing that I first noticed when I arrived through the doors, was the attention to detail in the restaurant. Sorry to sound pretentious here, but the place just oozes sophistication and class. The decor, lighting and atmosphere combination is well thought out, and definitely separate it from other similar eateries.

I have eaten in a number of sushi restaurants in my time, but this place is THE best out of the lot of them. Below is the food I shared in, with my co-workers and everything was just perfection and so so fresh. I even found myself salivating, smelling the vegetables!

If you fancy yourself as a sushi connoisseur and think you have tried the best, come here and see if Sticks & Sushi changes your mind. But be warned, bring plenty of cash though!

Sticks & Sushi Sushi 2

Sticks & Sushi Sticks

Sticks & Sushi Sashmi

Sticks & Sushi Sushi


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