Red Dog Saloon

February 23rd, 2015

Red Dog Saloon

I have been hankering for some tasty American style food for some time now. You know, something that wouldn’t be out of place on Man vs Food. Well, in my research, I stumbled upon a burger called the The Devastator (18oz chuck steak, 200g pulled pork, 6 rashers applewood smoked bacon & 6 slices American cheese), from a place called Red Dog Saloon.

Now, not that I wanted that exact burger and the price is a little off putting (£22.75), but a place that offers something of that size, sounded amazing and exactly where I should venture to get my American food fix on. I chose the Hoxton branch and off I went.

Brimming with excitement and taking my careful time to choose my food, I settled on the Bar-B-Q burger with applewood smoked bacon, American cheese & onion rings. My side was french fries and some mozzarella sticks for good measure.

Upon inspection, the burger looked great and I was very happy with everything so far. Things went south very quickly. I took a bite and noticed not only the buns (which in my opinion were not heated up), but also the patty was cold. £11.45 for a burger and it was served cold, not even lukewarm! Outfuckingrageous!

I asked for it to be reheated, expecting a new one to be brought over (my mistake, never assume). When I got my hot burger back, it was disgusting. Oh it was warm alright, but it now tasted like a microwavable tasteless cheap burger.

The Good

Um, the mozzarella sticks? Very tasty and satisfying.

The Bad

Small cramped tables. Cold soggy burger. The french fries were something that you would find in a cheap chicken shop in East London. My server was nice and friendly but at one stage, as I was popping my plate onto the adjacent table briefly (ya know, as the tables are fucking miniscule…) to take some photos, a guy came over and asked if the burger was ok. Well, no sir it was not, but we won’t go over that again. I informed him I was taking some photos, and he walked off laughing. So um yeah, very fucking professional.

Red Dog Saloon Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks, Marinara sauce. Tastiest thing eaten here.

Red Dog Saloon Fries

French Fries… Meh.

Red Dog Saloon BBQ Burger

Bar-B-Q applewood smoked bacon, American cheese & onion rings

Red Dog Saloon Pitcher

Pitcher of beer


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