Meat Market

February 7th, 2015

I took a visit to Meat Market last month, having a huge craving for some meaty goodness.

The place was quite nice, and the food was definitely filling. The atmosphere was what you would expect, with a name like Meat Market. Bold, brash and loud.

I went for the chilli dog, a portion of chilli cheese fries with a side of jalapeno poppers. I was a little let down with the cheese fries, as I was looking forward to this the most. They were ok, but just found them lacking a real flavoursome taste. The Chilli dog was delicious though and huge.

The nicest thing out of everything were the bingo wings. They serve the chicken wings in a buffalo hot pepper sauce, with a side of blue cheese dip. So all in all, a nice place to try but nothing too different here.

Meat Market 1

Meat Market Menu

Meat Market 4

Chilli dog, chilli cheese fries with a side of jalapeno poppers

Meat Market 2

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Meat Market 3

Bingo wings


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