February 5th, 2015

“Fast – Cheap – Good. Pick two”.

Well Homeslice seems to be breaking the rules here. Their service is pretty fast, price is cheap as chips, and food is of excellent quality. They’re consistent too. I have been here four times, and I have gone home with a smile on my face each time.

Home Slice is a pizza eatery located in Neil’s Yard in Covent Garden. They make their pies in a wood fired oven and you better bring your appetite with you, as their pizzas are big. They offer a slice for £4 or a whole one for £20. They’re also offer prosecco on tap, craft beer and wine – they give you a large full bottle of either white or red, and when you’re done, they measure what you drank.

I will warn you, that this little spot does get quite busy, so go as early as possible to avoid disappointment, or you can have a long wait time.

Home Slice Front

Inside, warm and toasty

Home Slice Menu

Ordering is easy as pie. Their menu is available the moment you walk in.

Home Slice Pizza Oven

Where the magic happens

Home Slice Glasses

Drinks section

Home Slice Pizza

Chorizo, corn & coriander and mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seeds & chilli flakes


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