February 23rd, 2015

Del'Aziz Counter

Del’Aziz was chosen one cold morning, last month to sate my hunger when I was on the hunt for some breakfast. The outside really catches your eye with their baked goods and pastries almost glistening from the window, drawing you closer.

So, Del’Aziz are a mediterranean collection of restaurants, bakeries and cocktail bars. I went here one more time afterwards and again, just for breakfast, so I can only comment on the breakfast menu.

I chose the Berber Pancakes, which came with a side of fresh vanilla cream, honey & roasted almonds. They also threw in some delicious maple syrup from Buckwud. I included an extra portion of bacon, as I’m fat.

My god, these things were amazing. Light (As light as you can get with pancakes, fluffy and so nomolicious). I was a happy camper. I should also note, that our server mentioned that before noon any breakfast was a fiver. Not sure if this applies on weekends, but this pure added awesomeness. I added a cappuccino and was not disappointed. Everything was just great.

Round two

A few weeks later I decided to head back and try out a new menu item for my breakfast. I went for a dish called The Frying Pan, and it comes in a… frying pan! This dish costs £12.50, but as I was there before noon again, it cost me five quid. It includes Chorizo, bacon, onions, piquillo peppers, mushrooms, potatoes, baked eggs & cheese glaze.

The dish was unsatisfying on this occasion, but I didn’t tell the server, as I assumed they would just shrug, say sorry and nothing would be done, and I would walk away a tad uncomfortable about bringing a complaint up (as per some of my other experiences in other eateries). I published a tweet (linking to this very post), about my experience on twitter and forgot about it.

Customer service done right

To my surprise, I was contacted by their marketing team a few days later. A gentleman by the name of Basil Karapepas emailed me to ask if I would like to come back in for a free Frying pan breakfast to make up for my previous experience. I took him up on the offer and popped in the next day.

Round three

I made my way over, ordered my brekkie and was delighted to see this placed down in front of me! Think this looks good? It tasted even better, and was made to perfection.

DelAziz Frying Pan

I had a chat with Basil afterwards, and he said no one gets it right everytime, but If you ever have an issue with something, speak up and let them know.

These guys really do care about their customers and keeping them happy.

Thanks so much, you will be seeing me again!

Del'Aziz Cakes & Bread

Great selection of cakes and pastries

Del'Aziz Pancakes

Berber pancakes with a side of bacon

Death by chocolate!

Death by chocolate!

Del'Aziz Cappuccino

Foamy goodness

DelAziz Interior

Teas, and beautiful dishes and cups


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