Crepes & Waffles

November 26th, 2014

Crepes and Waffles are an upmarket chain of restaurants, founded in Colombia in the 80’s, with franchises in other countries such as Brasil, Perú and México.

They serve all sorts of tasty treats such as Ice cream, Nutella crepes, waffles, and cream and a lot more. They also cater to lunch and dinner customers, and today I popped into their chipichape branch and sampled their Cena (dinner) and postre (dessert) menu.

Mexicano Crepe

I went with the Mexicano Crepe, which consisted of Boloñesa, queso rallado, lechuga, salsa mexicana, crema agria y ají.

When I think of crepes, I usually think of dessert, but this changed my mind for the better. It was very tasty and the crepe was a nice addition to the main ingredients, kind of like a burrito. Two thumbs up.

Copa Caramel

After my dinner, I obviously had to try the dessert menu… so I went with the Copa Caramel and it was amazing. Ice cream, caramel sauce, chocolate, whipped cream and wafers!

So, my first proper experience in Crepes & Waffles, and it was amazing. I shall be back.


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