Cereal Killer Cafe

February 4th, 2015

Cereal Killer Cafe Door

Cereal Killer Cafe is the UK’s first cereal cafe, run by twin brothers; Alan and Gary Keery. The idea is a quirky one and they have received a good (and bad) amount of publicity for their business idea.

So the basic idea is, the hipster cafe primarily offer cereal to it’s young at heart customers, but also other breakfast items such as pop tarts, toast and coffee too. They have three selections of cereals from the UK, America and the rest of World. Once you decide on your box, you have three sizes to choose from; small, medium and large. Next you choose your milk. They have thirty flavours of milk apparently. Another optional step is to add toppings, such as fruit or even oreos.

I went last week to see what all the fuss was about and I ordered a medium bowl of Apple Jacks (£3.70), with whole milk (40p), a pop tart (£1.50) and a Yoo-hoo chocolate drink (£2.00), totalling a very unsweet £7.60. Now I wouldn’t mind the price too much if I was actually full after my meal, but I was far from it. (I had to grab a salt beef bagel) The bowl was filled with a very scabby portion of maybe 8 spoonfuls of cereal. The milk also left a bad aftertaste, not the actual milk but having to pay extra for a crucial ingredient with my cereal is ridiculous. I’m already paying the equivalent for a box of cereal with my bowl, throw in the milk too please.

But Keith, you are paying for the service and novelty factor too!?

Unfortunately the service was also a little unfulfilling too. No welcoming smiles on any of the staff. Our server kept forgetting my order and I had to remind them three times. As there were a lot of people waiting to be served, my pop tart was a little cold when I finally paid. I asked could I have a new one, and they just reheated it in the toaster.

So to wrap this up, you should give this place a miss, and I am rarely so critical. I imagine with the novelty factor, the cafe will be around for awhile yet but not for repeat customers.

Cereal Killer Cafe Storefront
Cereal Killer Cafe Cashier
Cereal Killer Cafe Selection
Cereal Killer Cafe Windows
Cereal Killer Cafe TVs
Cereal Killer Cafe Food
Cereal Killer Cafe Quirky SkateboardCereal Killer Cafe "Medium" BowlCereal Killer Cafe Wall


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