Breads Etcetera

February 24th, 2015

Breads Etcetera was recommended by a friend to try out last month. They are based in Clapham and serve freshly made sourdough bread, pastries and breakfast in the day time, and as night falls, pizza and beer.

I remember thinking how cheap the place looked, when I made my way over. Like, you could walk past the place and not give it a second thought, no huge logo over the door, and the shop front is a little dated, putting it lightly. I mean look at it.

Breads Etcetera Outside

I have to get better at this no judging thing, as once inside, the place was completely different. Stylish, subtle but classy (see below). Pretty sweet eh?

Breads Etcetera Inside

Ok enough about the decor, how was the food!

Breads Etcetera Toaster

So Bread Ecetera are known for the bread. Dead give away in the name huh. Each table has it’s own Dualit toaster for you to toast the bread to your liking. Once you give your order, you have to pop over to the bread section and cut your own slices.

Breads Etcetera Bread

Once, you have that taken care of, grab some of their homemade butter and you’re done.

Breads Etcetera Butter

Well not quite. They have quite the range of marmalades, nutella, curd and sauces too.

Breads Etcetera Bread & Nutella

Anywho, the bread is as filling as you would expect so try not to eat too much. You have to leave room for some brekkie now.

Breads Etcetera Bacon & Eggs

I chose the soft option. Soft eggs and bacon with more bread. I asked for some maple syrup (I apparently can’t eat bacon with out the stuff) and was given a generous helping. Splendid.

Breads Etcetera Hot Chocolate

One thing that made my visit more enjoyable was their hot chocolate. This thing has to be tried. It is simply the best hot chocolate I have tasted in London. A lot of other places give you cheap rank stuff. Not here, it’s made with quality chocolate, and love.

Breads Etcetera Fruit Salad

My friend ordered the fruit salad and this was served remarkably well. Great presentation.

Breads Etcetera Omelet

Here is a pick from another visit. I went for the omelet, and you can ask for any ingredients and they will chuck em’ in. Very tasty, filling and value for money.

So, the next time you are in Clapham and have nothing butter to do. You know what to dough. 🙂

Breads Etcetera Sacks

Sacks of flour


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