10 Greek Street

March 20th, 2014

10 Greek Street

I was out one night and chatting to a friend about our favorite eateries around SOHO, and 10 Greek Street came up. My friend was raving about the place, and so I mentally took a note to visit sometime. Another friend’s birthday proved to be the perfect excuse to test the place out, and man I’m glad I did.

First off, we ventured in and the place was quite busy with the lunch time rush. We were asked if we had a booking, to which we had not, but we were soon found a table and we’re assured even though it was busy, we would be looked after quickly. Excellent stuff so far.

Dorset crab on toast with braised leeks

We started off with the crab and toast, or more correctly titled; Dorset crab on toast with braised leeks. The crab meat contained both brown and white crab meat and the brown meat was mixed with aioli. As far as I’m concerned, adding aioli is a big plus, I just love the stuff, and when combined with the crab, it was perfection.

Steamed Mussels Clams and Chermoula

Continuing on the seafood theme, we sampled the Steamed mussels, clams & chermoula. I do love my mussels and these were definitely up to par (if a tad small). The chermoula sauce was a first for me and extremely tasty.

Venison haunch, with kale and roast parsnips

Our final dish was an absolute winner. I haven’t tried that much venison in my lifetime but oh my good lord, this was perfection. The dish was Venison haunch, marinated in juniper, thyme and garlic, served with kale and parsnips. The meat was succulent and so perfectly cooked, I’m sure I was eating with a smile on my face.

Now I can see why my friend was raving about this place. 10 Greek is now my favorite place in SOHO. Thanks for a great experience and keep up the good work guys.


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