Issue With WooCommerce Password Reset & WP Engine

May 18th, 2022

A client was having an issue resetting their password on their Woocommerce website recently.

They would request a new password via WordPress’s built-in reset form, receive the email with a link to reset their password, but when they would click on the link, they would be brought back to the same page as before, going around in a loop.

This was weird.

After a few minutes investigating, I noticed the password reset URL looked like so:

So, what we see here is that the URL is the same as the password reset URL, with one difference, a query string is added to show the reset form (?show-reset-form=true&action), but of course this wasn’t the case with my client, they kept seeing the reset form.

As the website is hosted on WP Engine (a fantastic host, to add), I had experienced similar issues with them caching pages with other websites I managed and experienced similar behaviour.

So off I went to WP Engine support and asked them to exclude /my-account/* from being cached and all was well again.

Hopefully this helps someone with a similar issue in the future.


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