Too much coffee

April 29th, 2015


I used a tutorial on Pinterest for the overall outline, and free balled the face. …

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Side face of an elegant woman

April 29th, 2015


I found an image of sketch of a woman on Google Images, and tried to recreate it, capturing the elegance and beauty of the woman. …

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Creepy Doll Dude

April 28th, 2015


No tutorials used. This ‘work of art’ came from me.

I think I got the shading a bit better on this one, with the nose. I held the pencil very

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Front facing woman

April 27th, 2015


Random youtube tutorial on drawing a woman. Something tells me shading takes years to “master”. …

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Attempt at drawing Dexter

April 25th, 2015


One of my first drawings.

While watching the TV show, I tried to replicate Dexter, from an image I found online. Not too unhappy with this actually.…

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Mr Bean

April 22nd, 2015


Second drawing done on some cheap printer paper, with a pen. yeah, looks bad.…

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Walter White

April 21st, 2015


My very first drawing here. Yep, I know it’s bad, breaking bad……

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