The Hundred Year Lie

December 21st, 2012

The hundred year lie

  • As more lawn products, pesticides and flame retardants, to name a few household culprits, are being spewed into the environment – it becomes increasingly urgent that every person living in an industrialized nation learn that ‘The chemical threat is the ultimate threat to mankind, worse than bombs and war. You cannot hide from it. It reaches everywhere in the world.’
  • The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), however does not conduct its own safety tests, but relies on research conducted by manufacturers. Is the fox in charge of the chicken coop?
  • When it comes to chemicals added to cosmetics and many other personal-care products, the FDA knows as much about their safety as you do.
  • “Unfortunately our bodies were never designed to protect themselves against this chemical onslaught”. As a result, our systems usually fail to process and remove most of these chemicals once they have entered our bodies.
  • Mixing synthetic chemicals in our bodies has become tantamount to playing with a chemistry set without an instruction manual. Samuel Epstein, predicted one-third of us will get cancer as a result.
  • For decades, the scientific and medical community has accepted that a certain amount of pollution and disease is just the price we pay for modern life.

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