This is What You Need To Attach Your Wahoo Elemnt & GoPro In One Mount

March 9th, 2019

I have wanted to install my GoPro on my bicycle for some time. Two reasons for this decision. The first is purely to get some use out of the camera as it’s mostly just sitting at home, it would be nice to get footage out of some of the rides I go on from time to time. The second reason is more pessimistic. Due to the sheer number of close passes I experience on a daily basis, I want to have some sort of evidence should anything happen me – not that it would do anything if someone did hit and kill me, but it’s something to have against the driver should anything ever happen to me nonetheless.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger view of the mount in action with both devices.

Anywho, there are quite a few options available to me, such as using the standalone mount that comes with my ELEMNT but I just don’t want an extra mount on my handlebar as I already have my Wahoo computer and Quadlock mount. So my preferred option was to get something that has a built-in gopro mount.

Wahoo Elemnt & GoPro Mount


Deciding against paying £56 for a solution from K-edge, I found this Wahoo & GoPro mount from Best Tek that does the job nicely. The mount installs onto the front part of the stem, using the included long bolts, making the mount as inconspicuous as possible and pretty clean in my opinion.

So in conclusion, I am very happy with this bit of kit. It feels robust, secures my computer and GoPro perfectly, is cheaper than comparable options, is cleaner than having two mounts on my “cockpit”, and the footage from the GoPro looks great. If you own a Wahoo Elemnt and would like to attach your Gopro to your bike, check out the Best Tek Wahoo & GoPro handlebar mount.


  1. Hello, I brought something similar from ebay and the go pro adaptor and the element adaptor required the use of the same two screw holes meaning the element could only be fitted sideways. Yours looks correct, please could you confirm you didn’t have this problem



  2. Hi John,

    Could you send me a link?

  3. Hi I brought something very similar from China, but the offset spacers were plastic and my handle bars moved. When I tightened the bolts the spacers deformed.

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