My Goals For The Year: 2019 Edition Recap

January 1st, 2020

So 2019 has passed and here are my results of my goals over the past year, what happened, did I even achieve to complete one? (Hint no) 😂 It was a fun ride, but of course I took on way too much and failed every single goal!

Cycle 500 hours

OK, so I didn’t get anywhere near 500 hours but I gave it one hell of a shot. I hit 228 hours and 50 minutes. I was doing pretty good until the summer with a few holidays away made me lose the will to keep it up when I got back. If I only I chose something a bit more achievable…

2019 cycle stats

Hours: 228:50
Distance: 4,208km
Elevation: 28,539km
Longest ride: 11:57:07

Result: Fail

Finish a 100km ultrarun

I signed up for the SVP100 100km ultra run from Suffolk to Essex and reached 51.2km before scratching.

The weather was great, the sun was out, my legs felt strong and I was in good spirits but ultimately succumbed to a breathing issue that has plagued me since I was a kid. Approaching the third checkpoint, I just couldn’t catch my breath (as usual), felt dizzy like I was going to pass out (unusual). I gave it a push to get there but just didn’t make the cut-off.

The one good thing about attempting this run was it pushed me to get my breathing more seriously looked at so I have been to the docs/hospital a few times and have more ongoing diagnosis scheduled.

Also, I f**ked up my strava by stopping it as I put my phone into my pocket after checkpoint two and having to start it again!

Result: Fail

Get 1,000 photos accepted as stock

I was so close with this one! Ok for real though, how did I even come up with 1,000 photos as a challenge?? This was a ludicrous number to achieve in a year! So looking at my stats, I managed to get 137 uploaded, titled, tagged and accepted. I’d say I got about ~25 rejected or so.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Result: Fail

Speak 50 hours of conversational Spanish

I decided early on that this was too much with the other goals combined, so I intentionally didn’t attempt this goal. I left it in for integrity reasons.

Result: Fail

Create 50 YouTube screencasts

Workload, fear of failure and about a million other excuses popped up for this one. I created two…

But 2020 is the year of embracing failure for me, so I will try this again and will do it this time.

Result: Fail

Complete 3 30 day challenges

Same with last year, I completed only one of these goals and quite happy to have completed one to be honest. I created a little Spanish “vlog” for 30 days. I actually failed into day 10 or so, cancelled that and started a new 💪🏻

Result: Fail

Read 10 books

One less than last year with a total of four read. I plan to write up some notes on what I read but the four that I chose were:

Result: Fail

Create a product for sale

I actually created a little product for sale on this one but am declaring it a failure as I had anxiety about releasing it – Again, I aim to tackle this issue head on in 2020.

Result: Fail

Go to the gym 200 times

So again, if I just gave myself an achievable number like 100 times in the gym I could have completed this, but no… I had to be all consuming and choose a ridiculous number like 200.

I achieved 93 times.

Result: Fail

So there we have it, a lot of activities attempted, lots of cycling, gym, some photography and other bits and bobs. I’m going to tone it down in 2020 I think.


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