April 18th, 2014

Zeera Featured

I have walked by Zeera many a time, and it looks beautiful from the outside, so one night on the way home I decided to venture in and see if it was a hit or miss. They serve Indian food and recently started offering Thai food too.

Where I live, the amount of quality eateries is not exactly… abundant, so I wasn’t expecting anything too amazing here to be honest. But after eating here, one thing that I will associate with this place is quality. They just treat you extremely well here and the food is great.

Complementary Papadum

Array of dips, on the house

The moment we walked in, the waiter arrived straight over, with a big smile and welcomed us right in and brought us to our table. He gave us complimentary papadums and dips. All of which were an excellent tastier of what was to come. So far so good!

Zeera Crab Cakes

For my starter, I got the crab cakes, usually nothing too fancy at all, but my god they were made with love. They tasted perfect and the salad with lemon, accompanying it, was so fresh and perfectly complimented the fish.

Chicken Jalfrezi & Sada Chaval Rice

I love a good curry, so I chose the chicken jalfrezi as I sometimes do this at home and wanted to try a proper version of it. I chose well as this was just too good, I thought I was eating in some west end restaurant that charged you an arm and a leg!

I should also note that my lady friend requested some chips, but these weren’t on the menu and our waiter said he would ask if they had some. No problem at all, if it’s not on the menu, it’s not on the menu right? Wrong! They found some, cooked them for us (gorgeous) and gave them to us on the house!

So yeah, Zeera are an excellent find in the east side of town and definitely definitely recommened! Thanks for a fantastic overfilling evening.


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