Damn tasty and affordable Japanese food in Zaibatsu, Greenwich

September 15th, 2017

Zaibatsu Food

Having moved to a new borough earlier in the year, I was elated to find out that I had one of Trip Advisor’s best Sushi spots on my doorstep. (At the time of writing, Zaibatsu is #111 out of 18,263 Restaurants in London). The reviews don’t lie, this place is now one of my favourite sushi spots!

Ok, so if you make the trek over, don’t be put off as you arrive. From the outside this place looks a little grubby (no offence guys), and I had my reservations when walking through the door. The place is tiny, only holding around thirty odd people. But the reasons why this little gem in Greenwich is one of London’s favourite Japanese fusion eateries soon becomes apparent…

  • Free corkage – That’s right, you can run into Tesco and grab some vino or even some White Lightning if that’s your bag and they will not charge you a penny for serving it.
  • Service –  I have eaten here four times now and without fail, every time the service has been top notch, fast and friendly.
  • Price – Their prices are very wallet friendly. For example, the above collage of food awesomeness was less than twenty quid! For two people!
  • Food – The freshness of the food here is obvious and just so damn tasty, enough said.

I think these guys have hit the sweet spot here. The quality of the food, in conjunction with all of the above is why I keep coming back here.

It’s good to note that if you do pop in, they don’t accept any of that fancy apple pay or plastic card business. Bring some cold hard cash with you.


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