In Search of a Proper English Fry? Check Out Temple & Sons

September 17th, 2017

Last week, after my park run, I was hungry… hungry for an old fashioned, no nonsense fry. As I pondered where to go, I remember I had this place on my list to check out so off I went to Bank.

After a few.. er detours trying to find the place, due to construction work and blocked lanes, I nearly packed it in due to frustration! I’m glad I persevered though as this place HAS to be experienced.

I do love places that make food with love, and Temple & Sons are of no exception. When I finally made it over and let out a breath of relief upon arrival, I wasted no time and chose my main straight away, with a portion of their buttermilk pancakes and a glass of orange juice – Don’t judge, I ran beforehand!

What arrived at my table soon thereafter was – and I am in no way exaggerating here, The most delicious fry I have ever eaten. The thing was a bloody work of art. It included pork & fennel sausage, bacon, mushrooms, fried potatoes, BBQ beans, eggs and bone marrow toast.

I urge you to make your way over and sample this place whenever you get a chance because the photos live up to the hype.

Here’s a close-up of this magnificent bastard. Just look at it. Kudos Mr Atherton.


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