January 22nd, 2017

Hotbox Images

I have called London my home for just over three years now, and I haven’t once tried one of those “unlimited alcohol” brunches in all my time here! Mental stuff all together I know. This depressing fact changed this weekend when I met up with a friend that I haven’t seen in awhile and we headed over to Hotbox, to enjoy two hours of unlimited booze, oh and some brunch too.

I ordered the buttermilk pancakes with some crispy bacon, and a side of scrambled eggs. The pancakes were soft, fluffy and quite tasty. Even though I ordered a side of eggs too, this didn’t fill me up unfortunately and I wouldn’t recommend to come here if you are famished!

But the primary reason we chose this place was the booze. You pay £25 and are given two hours to fill your boots with a choice of prosecco, mimosas or bloody marys (they have five different types of bloody marys). We went with mimosas, cause we’re classy like that.

In total we drank 14 glasses between us, so I feel you do get your money’s worth. The waiters are fairly on the ball, once or twice you have to grab their attention for a refill, but quite normal when the place is busy.


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