Burger and Beyond

January 16th, 2017

Burger joints are a dime a dozen here in London, so you reaaaaally have to stand out to get noticed! Well, it’s exceptionally hard not to notice these guys as I have been bombarded with pictures of their monstrous burgers for the past few months on Instagram, psst follow me here. Yesterday, as a Friday treat, I popped over to Camden market to see what Burger and Beyond are like.

Burger and Beyond - Shop front

As I was walking around, trying to find the place, I noticed a girl taking pictures of a burger in her hand that looked just like the burgers taking over my Instagram, so I followed her and arrived, waiting to fill my belly on this burger I have lusted after for so long!

Their menu is as how you’d expect it, no fuss and simple. I ordered ‘The Cliff’ burger with a single patty thinking this would be fill me up. A tenner for this and £3.50 for some crinkle cut chips, on the side.

Burger and Beyond - The Cliff

As you can see, it’s not exactly huge. A tad on the smaller side perhaps? Especially for ten of my hard earned pounds. So it appears that all the photos are either double patties, or made with love only for social media :/

Ok, so moving on from my initial let down, I found a spot to taste this “monstrous” burger and to be fair, the burger was one of the tastiest I have eaten in London, the 90 day aged meat (Chuck & Brisket) was flavoursome, cooked nicely and the bacon, monterey jack cheese and tarragon mayo were a lovely addition. The thing is just bursting with flavour!

But, for a street food eatery, I’m not convinced It was worth £10, as I was still quite hungry afterwards. To fully sate my hunger it looks as though I would need to buy a double, and the total would be (with a portion of chips) £17.5. Hmmm, not impressed Burger and Beyond, not impressed.

Burger & Beyond - Crinkle cut chips

Cajun chips were pretty nice, especially with some smoked mayo on the side.


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