Write a Daily Vignette For 30 Days

September 21st, 2018

Ok, I think it’s time to get at least one 30 day challenge completed before the end of the year.

This time, I want to slow things down a tad, avoid undertaking anything strenuous and concentrate on jotting down little snapshots, or vignettes of my daily life. Now, not that I have many profound thoughts or anything like that, I just think it could be interesting to see what peaks my interest and what I decide to share.

Hat tip to Mr Doherty for the idea.

Day 1 – 21/09/18

I remember a time I was one of the most anti-Apple people going, confused why people would pay such a premium to Apple when there are cheaper and better performing products available. Today I own two MacBooks, two iPads, and now two iPhones, having paid over £1,000 for my latest toy; the iPhone XS. The new watch looks nice too…

Day 2 – 22/09/18

Sitting here getting to know one another, a cup of tea turns into a glass of wine; good company, a beautiful view of the river, Inside and cosy on a moody day, not a bad Saturday if you ask me.

Day 3 – 23/09/18

The sun came out today so we made our way over to a place called Porthkerry. Beautiful little beach with hardly a soul around. This place definitely is not London. Need more trips like this I think.

Day 4 – 24/09/18

Chatting to a small business owner today and she informs me the business has been in the family for nearly one hundred years but her kids have no desire to carry it on when she and her husband retire. In a few short years the doors will be closed for good, a few more and long forgotten.

Day 5 – 25/09/18

Feeling overwhelmed today. If I’m being honest with myself, I’m not putting the 100% I should be into my day. I know the main reason but I’m procrastinating about getting it sorted. Note to self, get it sorted.

Day 6 – 26/09/18

I checked my earnings on a stock photo site I occasionally upload to and noticed I’m nearly at $50 in sales. Nothing to write home about but If I look at my upload pattern, there is a correlation to my earnings there. The more I upload, the more money I make. Need to concentrate more on this.

Day 7 – 27/09/18

Walking down to the shops to get lunch, my mind starts to wander, thinking about a few side projects over the years that I never really gave any proper attention to and let die. Looking back, there is one in particular that I had no reason to send to the graveyard, it was only fuelled by fear and doubt. What’s worse, failing or not even trying? I know the answer and will revisit this project.

Day 8 – 28/09/18

The first track chosen to start off the set hits me with such energy, all I can do is grin, put up my hands and just let the bass pulsate through my body. I’m not thinking about anything or any of the little problems in my life, just enjoying the experience with like minded people all around me.

Day 9 – 29/09/18

We arrive early and almost have the place to ourselves, jumping around like kids acting the eejit. She’s elegant and well balanced, I am not, but I don’t care – I’m just enjoying the time together.

Day 10 – 30/09/18

Feeling bloated and pretty shit, the weekend has taken it’s toll. I tell myself I’ll start being better tomorrow, maybe use that gym membership I have laying about or go for a run. Meh, it’s just easier to plonk on the sofa and have a cuppa. But what if I gave six months into working out, I could actually have that elusive ‘summer bod’ and feel amazing. I feel a challenge coming on.

Day 11 – 01/10/18

Inside my head a lot today, processing through a lot of shit. Why can’t we just turn off that little switch that makes us overthink. I believe life for the most part is easy, we just tend to make it difficult.

Day 12 – 02/10/18

Productive day. I love that feeling when you finally get a piece of code working. I was going to carry on a few more hours but stopped around 7pm and went for a stroll by the river. Lovely breeze, beautiful view of the city, today has been a good day.

Day 13 – 03/10/18

I’ve always had a pair of earphones in, walking about ever since secondary school, listening to hard house sets I had taped from the radio. Not much has changed, well apart from the device and playlists. Sure I enjoy my music but deep down I think I like the distraction, something to keep my mind from wandering.

Day 14 – 04/10/18

And so the pendulum swings. Not in the best of moods to put it mildly. I try to snap out of it, but it’s a lost cause. I just don’t have the strength to fight, today.

Day 15 – 05/10/18

One of my life goals is to learn how to make an electronic music track. I’ll get there one day (and it will be naff as hell) but for the interim I will just appreciate the vast catalog of good music on offer. One such track I find today is the above. I tell myself It’s all research for when my time comes.

Day 16 – 06/10/18

Planned to go out shooting today, but the weather had other plans so I stayed in and fired up Black Mirror. Not a day I had planned but no complaints, it is lovely to completely switch off sometimes.

Day 17 – 07/10/18

The weather was better today so I went out with my friend to shoot around City airport. Fifty one photos taken on my fancy DSLR camera and I hated every single one, The only photo I am happy enough with, is the above, taken on my phone. It just goes to show that cameras are only a tool.

Day 18 – 08/10/18

Ive travelled a fair bit during my few years on this planet, totalling thirty one countries so far. It seems like a decent number but not quite as there are one hundred and ninety five countries in the world and I have only visited fifteen percent.

Day 19 – 09/10/18

Met up with a friend I have known for a years now, it was nice seeing them and catching up but a part of me feels like it’s sometimes one sided, you know those friends who mainly contact you when shit is going bad in their life.
We sit, we eat, I listen.

Day 20 – 10/10/18

Lots of thinking going on over the past few days about everything in my life, where I’m at and am I happy. It might be time to concentrate on myself for a bit as I don’t think I can with other commitments.

Day 21 – 11/10/18

Got a nice bit of news today when I logged into one of my stock photography sites and seen I had received a commission of $55 for one of my images. I guess the buyer’s license is for print or something like that. As I said previously I definitely need to spend more time on this.

Day 22 – 12/10/18

Being shown around my new city by a local is a great experience. We talk about anything and everything. She mentions her husband a few times but also that her girlfriend recently broke up with her, and trying not to sound rude I ask her if she is still married, to which she replies yes. She tells me she is polyamorous and is dating a few people… Suddenly I wonder if I am being shown around as a friendly gesture or am I in her cross hairs.

Day 23 – 13/10/18

Waiting patiently at the arrival gates. One of the longest weeks I’ve experienced in quite awhile. Eventually she comes through and I burst out with a silly grin.

Day 24 – 14/10/18

Beautiful day of eating new food, strolling around and watching the world go by. Life isn’t so bad at times.

Day 25 – 15/10/18

31,754 steps walked today, which equates to about 21.5km. I love exploring this slowly and taking as much as possible in.

Day 26 – 16/10/18

The CN Tower was on the list while researching Toronto and I was only planning to go to the viewing deck even though they have a restaurant. But an Uber ride a few days previous, I was told to book the restaurant instead and you can use the viewing deck for free. At $38 for the viewing deck alone, it makes sense to book a table instead. Thank you to the local who was pooling in that Uber.

Day 27 – 17/10/18

Me at Niagara Falls

We head on to the boat to loop around the falls and I all I can see are phones everywhere, people snapping like crazy, taking videos, looking at this spectacular view up close through a small screen – It just bogles the mind.

Day 28 – 18/10/18

I’m in one of the most hipster eateries I have ever set foot in, beanie hats, moustaches and flannel shirts everywhere. The decor is very kitsch, no real cohesion, and just a mismatch of furniture. I feel I do not belong here… until the food arrives which are breakfast tacos and fried potatoes, absolute perfection.

Who cares about interiors anyway.

Day 29 – 19/10/18

Planned to go to a hockey game but neither of us were too bothered as it was a fair bit out. Ended up just pottering about and spending time together. For the last full day, this was the right choice.

Day 30 – 20/10/18

Wandering back to my airbnb almost on autopilot, feeling a bit melancholy. It has been a great week but all good things must come to an end.


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