Do a Boxing Class Every Day For 30 Days

July 17th, 2017

New 30 day challenge time! This one is a tad overdue, considering it’s July and I have set myself five to undertake this year!

So why boxing? Well I have done the odd class here and there over the years and always get such a good workout. It’s probably my favourite type of training and it’s all functional, not just lifting weights for the sake of looking bigger.

Day 1

I rejoined my old gym earlier today and am paid up for thirty one days (I received the first session for free), so there’s no going back :O

First session over and I sweat like a 🐷 – Managed most activities apart from the steps as the asthma plays up, oh and the plank – It appears I have zero core strength anymore!

Day 2

Still aching a tad from yesterday’s session and was exhausted afterwards today. On the plus side, Myfitnesspal tells me I am “burning” 1,500 odd calories from these hour and a half workouts, which means more calories for food!

Day 3

I just felt sapped of energy today, even though I ate breakfast and was well hydrated. This seems to happen to me from experience though so I shouldn’t be too surprised – It takes a week or two to get into the swing of things, so I should really learn my lesson and not go AWOL after this challenge!

Day 4

Day 4! Felt better today energy-wise but the fingers on my right hand have some small cuts from a rip inside my glove and is causing slight discomfort. But another session in the bag and feeling pretty bloody good!

Day 5

I had a new trainer today, and he mixed things up a bit. We worked on technique; slipping, block, fighting forwards and backwards. It’s nice to “slow” things down a bit and concentrate on good solid technique. We finished the class on a 6666 drill. 6 press ups, 6 lunges, 6 burpees, 6 squats, 6 double leg mountain climbers, and finally some ab work!

Day 6

First weekend class and the place was packed. Barely enough room for us all but the vibe was amazing! We worked on more technique like yesterday’s class, did more circuits and tons of ab work! My t-shirt was soaked right through (as always) and took a video, will upload soon! Nearly first week over with!

Day 7

First week over with! I wish I could say I am bursting with energy and brag about how I’m feeling stronger than ever but tis’ not the case. I am just about getting through the classes, but do start to slow down quite a bit towards the end. But 7 consecutive days logged, pumped!

Day 8

I was just in no mood to go today, and the weather was pretty crappy. This is where I start to think ‘is this challenge worth it’, and go back to my comfy office and make a nice warm brew. Made it though, and was partnered up with a fellow Irishman, who was about 22 years old or so I reckon, and by god he could hit; tremendous power. I wish I was young again 🙂

Day 9

Today’s class was extra sweaty. We just didn’t stop! Technique, pads, circuit and tons of ab work. I had to eh ‘rinse’ my t-shirt again before popping it in my bag for my cycle home!

Do a Boxing Class Every Day For 30 days
Day Date Completed?
Day 1 17/07/2017 Yes
Day 2 18/07/2017 Yes
Day 3 19/07/2017 Yes
Day 4 20/07/2017 Yes
Day 5 21/07/2017 Yes
Day 6 22/07/2017 Yes
Day 7 23/07/2017 Yes
Day 8 24/07/2017 Yes
Day 9 25/07/2017 Yes

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